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Duramax Tune Up Repair Kit PLUS #1
Refurbishment Kit for DuraMax HT and DuraMax Jr T RC
 Duramax Tune Up Repair Kit PLUS #1

Sale Price: $169.90

Product Options:

Add Spare Fine Filter Bag
Fine Filter Bag + $46.00 

Item Details and Service Notes:

Part#: DMC1901

This complete tune-up repair kit fits the Jr DuraMax models and provides a rebuild of the drive system and brush system (excluding motors)
and solves most drive issues.
Fits: DuraMax Jr Ht, DuraMax Jr T RC


Kit# DMC1901 Contains:
(6) 2600 - BUSHING (White)
(1) A3302PK - DRIVE BELT KIT Includes 2 Belts and 2 Stepped Rollers
(2) SP3016BL - SUPER EZ BRUSHES (Blue Molded Rubber - Uses Pin)
(2) 3203 - DRIVE TRACK (Blue) Model G with traction tabs
(4) Model G Spacer Brackets.
(1) Pair Filter Base Lock Tabs

Duramax Jr Belts and Brushes
Durmax Jr T RC Belts Brushes



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Probotics is a division of Cyperceptions Inc.
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