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    Aquaproducts UltraMax


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Manufacturer: Aquaproducts
Part#: ULMX-06
Ship Weight: 240 Lbs.
Price: $4,669.00

(limited time offer)

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Pool Size: Over 80'
Gal. filtered (per hr): 10,000
Cleaning: 100% floor
Cord length: 120 feet
Remote: Standard
Warranty: 12 month
Made in the USA

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Product Information

Product Description:
UltraMax has been replaced by the Ultramax XL. Refer to the left menu.
The UltraMAX is the highest capacity unit offered by Aquaproducts. Aside from dual drive and pump motors, the unit also incorporates twin filter bags and four intake ports to handle the big jobs. With a impressive width of 30" it makes short work of even the largest of pools. Even with its size, the unit is designed for minimal weight. This is so it can be removed from a pool by one person without a hoist. The UltraMAX concentrates all of its time on the pool bottom where the majority of pool debris accumulates.

UltraMAX Series Overview:
The UltraMAX Series is the most powerful and effective line of commercial pool cleaners on the market today. Thousands of UltraMAX cleaners are at work every day maintaining large commercial pools like those found in Schools, Universities, YMCA's, Clubs, Public Pools, Military Bases, Water Parks and other large pool facilities. The powerful suction system will remove all debris including algae, sand, silt, twigs, large leaves and even swimmers goggles. UltraMAX units have been designed to function efficiently in all large pools regardless of the size, shape or surface type. If your facility requires special cleaning requirements the UltraMAX can be equipped with options to overcome nearly any challenge. Options are available for wave pools and beach type entries as well as pools with slick tile or bulkheads. Cords with a length up to 150' are also available for pools where an electrical outlet is far from the pool or for those with an "L" or "T" shape. UltraMAX is a durable, ultra wide body commercial pool cleaner designed with input from the people who have to do the job - pool maintenance personnel. All you have to do is place your lightweight UltraMAX into the pool (no hoist required) and plug in the power supply.

Features common to UltraMAX Series Pool Cleaners
Wireless Remote
Does not require installation
No hoses or poles
Strong vacuum action removes tough debris
Easy to clean 2 micron filter bag
Front and rear scrubber bars
Saves electricity by allowing you to run the main filter less
Operates for pennies per day
Circulates water for better chemical distribution and even temperatures



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Technical Information

Model: UltraMax
Pool Size: Over 80 ft.
Wall/Floor Cleaning 100% Floor
Remote Standard
Quantity of Water Filtered 10,000 Gallons per Hour
Cleaning Coverage 12,500 Sq. ft / hr.
Electrical Cord Length 120 ft.
Pumps Two
Unit Weight 49 lbs.w/o Cable
Wattage 140 Watts
Electrical Plug 110v/60Hz or 230v/50Hz
Filtration - Micron Rating Self Contained - 2 Microns
Scrubbing Ability Heavy Duty - All Types
Unit Dimensions 30" x 14.5" x 13"
Shipping Weight 94 lbs.



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