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    Aquaproducts Aquabot Swim Drone


Aquabot Swim Drone
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Aquabot Swim Drone  
Manufacturer: Aquaproducts
Part#: ABTSD
Ship Weight: 36 Lbs.
List Price: $999.00
Price: $829.00
You Save: $170.00
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Normally ships: Within 24 hours


Pool Size: Up to 20' x 40'
Average run time: 2 hours
Gal. filtered (per hr): 4300
Cord length: 50 feet
Timer: Auto Shut Off
Remote: No
Warranty: 3 Years

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Product Information

Product Description:
Aquabot Swim Drone Robotic Pool Cleaner
Start It Up

aquabot power supplyGetting the Aquabot Swim-Drone started couldn't be easier. Simply connect the Robot to the water resistant Power Supply and press start. A new push-to-connect, industrial grade connector makes set up a snap. The power supply will automatically turn off the cleaner in two hours so you can go on with your day.

The weather resistant power supply actually communicates with the cleaner and has built in system protection. If the filter bag gets clogged the cleaner will shut down to protect itself.


Advanced Pool Cleaner Navigation is Standard
With the Aqua Smart System
The patented Aqua Smart System guides the cleaner around even the most complicated pools. It adjusts the cleaner as it runs to continuously improve the efficiency of the cleaning cycle. This allows for full pool cleaning in a fraction of the time that it takes other cleaners.
Shields Up!
side belt sheilding protects belts The complete side shielding protects the drive track system from debris. Cleaners without this protection pull debris through expensive drive parts as the cleaner draws in water and causes damaging wear to drive components. This design sheilds the drive system and can drastically reduce your cost of ownership and time between servicing. Belt change intervals have been known to exceed four pool seasons.
Leaves, sand, bugs, silt and small sticks don't stand a chance against the vacuum power of the Swim-Drone. The proven and powerful 35R Vacuum Motor is designed to provide years of trouble free service
Preparing for the next run couldn't be easier

Easy filter access with leversThe Swim Drone uses the standard Aquabot filtration bags for unmatched filtration.

Performing filter maintenance is much easier due to the PosiLock filter locks recessed into the base. Simply flip the lever to unlock or lock. The dual suction ports create a wide vacuum path and are large enough to take in leaves and small sticks.

What good is a robotic cleaner if it breaks? The Swim-Drone series of cleaners were run in real pools and technician approved for both durability and cleaning ability.
High Quality, Industrial Grade Brushes Handle All Pool Surfaces With Ease
Pool Robot All Surface PVA Foam Brush
The Industrial Grade brushes provide excellent traction and scrubbing action. They are tough enough for all pool surfaces and will conform to uneven areas.
No More Tangles!
flexible aquabot cable
A 50 foot SuperFlex floating cord with a swivel is standard on the Aquabot Swim-Drone. The swivel prevents cable tangling and the industrial grade, SuperFlex floating cable won't crack like other hard shell cables.
What you can expect to see from the Swim-Drone...

Many cleaners use old technology where the cleaner must move down the waterline after every crossing to create a new line across the pool. This can result in the cleaner spending up to 70% of its time on the pool walls when the dirt that it should be targeting is on the bottom. The Swim Drone follows a variable program and climbs only after fully crossing the pool. The number of crossings before a climb is decided by the onboard program which divides time much more efficiently. When running the cleaner on the recommended two to three time per week schedule, this will provide ample attention to your pool's walls.


Pool Size: Up to 36'
Cleaner Weight (alone) 18 Lbs.
Pump Capacity: 4800 Gal /hour
Cable length: 50'
Filters: 1
Filter Porosity: 2 Micron (nominal)
Motors: Hi Efficiency
Cartridge Full Sensor: Yes
Blocked Filter Protective Shutdown: Yes
Timer: Yes
Cycle Times: 1.5hr / 2.0hr
Input Voltage: 120V - 60Hz.
Running Voltage: 24VDC

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q; What will it pick up?
It will collect all of the things that you normally find in a pool. Small sticks, leaves, bugs, silt, sand acorns, and even algae.

Q: Will it do my stairs or get stuck on my stairs?
A: Due to the many shapes that steps can be, we can't say if it will clean them. If it does, consider it a bonus. A quick sweep and the unit will get the debris off of the bottom. The cleaner makes shorter waterline crawls and this behavior rarely results in the cleaner getting stuck.

Q: I have a swim out and sun shelf. Will it get there?
A: If the cleaner happens to be in a climb cycle that lines up with the area, it might. A water depth of about 15" is required for the cleaner to climb over an edge into another flat area.

Q: How often should I clean the filter?
A:The filter should be washed after each cleaning cycle or more often if the indicator light comes on. If you miss the light, the unit will shut itself down. One less thing to worry about!

Q: I have a large 20'x40' Pool. Will it cover it?
A: Yes, although may have to run second cycle.

Q: Will it clean my pool?
A: Yes, it will. We believe that the Swim Drone series is the best value available today in a robotic pool cleaner!

three year warrantyThe Swim-Drone is covered by a THREE YEAR Manufacturers Warranty!

You can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered!

To Sum Things Up

You Get:

  • Technician Approved Design
  • High Power Suction
  • Premium Quality, Extended Life Motors
  • AquaSmart Navigation
  • Filter Maintenance Indicator
  • High Quality Super-Flex Cord
  • Cable Swivel to Eliminate Tangling
  • Stainless Steel Brush Shafts
  • A THREE YEAR Warranty!

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Technical Information

Model: Swim Drone
Quantity of Water Filtered 4300 Gallons per Hour
Pool Size Up to 20X40
Electrical Cord Length 50 ft.
Unit Weight 18.0 lbs.
Wattage 180 Watts
Time Settings 2.0 hrs
Filtration - Micron Rating 2 Microns (nominal)
Scrubbing Ability All Types
Shipping Dimensions 20" x 19" x 18"
Shipping Weight 36 lbs.



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