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Service Options:

We are a Master Service Center with 18 years of experience and have in depth knowledge of the Aquabot Residential and Commercial Pool Cleaners.

If your cleaner requires service, you can bring or send it to us and we will perform a complete evaluation at no charge. All of our technicians are fully trained and experienced. This means that your unit will be correctly repaired and returned to you on a timely basis.

All units are water tested for proper operation to ensure that your cleaner will perform properly upon its return to you.

Units should be shipped prepaid to the address below. We can also provide a pre-paid shipping tag on request. In this case, UPS will arrive at your door to pick up your prepackaged unit. The shipping cost will be added to your repair bill. If you would like to use this service, we will need the model name of the cleaner and the box dimensions.

Please call or e-mail with your Model (name), Serial Number, Address, Phone and problem that you are experiencing. We will supply you with an RA number and document to be printed and packed with your cleaner.

If you have self repair questions, please send an e-mail to:
We can also provide repair advice and recommend the proper parts for a fast, error free repair.


Shipping Instructions (32k)

Questions? We will be happy to help.

215-886-4717 - press "1" for Sales or Service
For faster service, send us an e-mail. You can even request that we CALL YOU.

We will need the model "name" of your cleaner. If you are not sure, browse our "new" robot pages to try to get a visual match. You can also email a picture.


Please send service inquires to

Service Mailing Address:
Probotics - Service
222 Roesch Avenue Ste. C 3
Oreland, PA 19075


Official Service and Repair Center for Residential and Commercial Aquabots


Probotics is a division of Cyperceptions Inc.
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