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Customer Reviews: AQUABOT POWER RATED 3000

Overall Rating: 4.5

Joan T - May 15th 2018
This thing is more effecient than my old turbo. My pool is just as clean in half the time and its easy to use.

Stacy J - May 4th 2018
All good so far!

Trevor W. - May 1st 2018
I have always had traction issues with the rubber brushes on my Turbo T. The foam ones seem like they are glued to the wall and it scoots right up. I don't miss the filter bag at all. The cart that comes with it is just what I needed. Neat storage and it tucks away well in my shed.

Jeff C. - September 5th 2017
I am very happy with this cleaner. The cart seems like it could be a little stronger, but it hasn't broken.

Liz G - August 30th 2017
This pool cleaner lives up to expectations and I was amazed at what I found in the baskets after dropping it into what I thought was my "tidy" pool. The baskets captured all kinds of things and are super easy to clean!

Nicole J - August 28th 2017
I replaced my five year old Aquabot turbo with this cleaner back in June and could not be happier. The baskets are SO MUCH easier to clean that the filter bags. The cable is much more flexible that the one that was on my turbo. The harder shell cable on my turbo cracked and I can't see that happening with this one. It cleans my kidney shaped pool in about an hour and a half.

Paul W - August 1st 2017
Works very well, but I do have to run a second cycle sometimes to cover my 20x40 pool.

Anton W - July 22nd 2017
Absolutely 5 stars! Its light enough that I can handle it and the included cart is handy. If you assemble the cart, just be aware that two of the screws shown in the instructions are alreaady installed. I looked everywhere for them!

Eva G - July 8th 2017
Two months in and its all good. I run it twice a week and the pool has been looking great.

Jen H - June 21st 2017
So far, I like it, especially the easy to clean baskets! Unfortunately, UPS delivered it a day late due to a mixup so I didn't have it for my party ;(

Steve C - June 7th 2017
After a rough start, it is working well. I have a mesh cover and it let a lot of sediment get into the pool. I don't know if it was decaying leaves or something else. In any case, I had to repeatedly clean the baskets to get all of it out. I'm a new pool owner and don't know if this is normal or not.

Mary M -May 19th 2017
I drew the short straw this year and am responsible for the pool cleaning. This thing has made cleaning the pool a breeze instead of a hassle. My hubby vacuumed all last year by hand. Duh.

Dennis T - May 18th 2017
This one is much faster than my old aquabot and the vibrating brush seems to be doing its job because I am definitely using my pool brush less. Its easy to clean too!

Tyler R - May 12th 2017
This aquabot does do a nice job, but doesnt seem to be able to get into my swim outs. I just brush them out, but took off one star. It should clean the WHOLE pool.

Hank J - April 30th 2017
I put this in to open my pool and it kept shutting off. I gave up.

Aquabot Comment:
This cleaner protects it's motors by shutting down if the baskets become clogged. We advised the customer that they could use the cleaner to open the pool, but as with all robotic cleaners, it is better to get the pool reasonably clean before using a robotic cleaner. Otherwise, the baskets will have to be cleaned often, but operation will steadily improve as the amount of silt lessens.

Karl S - April 24th 2017
I like the easy cleaning feature. I had a question regarding the cleaning of the baskets and my question was answered promptly. When cleaning the baskets, you should use a spray, not a jet. Customer service was good and It arrived two days after I ordered it. Fast! Out of the box and into the pool!



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