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Aquabot Jr
Turbo TJet

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DuraMax RC
DuraMax BiTurbo T RC
DuraMax Duo
DuraMax Duo Jr

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Parts Index
We offer a complete selection of Aquaproducts and Aquajet replacement parts for your convenience.
Most common parts are usually in stock. Non stock items normally ship within 3 business days.

Parts Shopping Tips:

  • You can click on the product diagram reference numbers to find a part group.
  • To prevent your shopping session from expiring, select all desired parts before adding to you cart
    then check out promptly.
  • You will have the option of saving your part selections for later.


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Aquabot and Aquabot Turbo

Parts for the Aquabot,
Aquabot Turbo, Storm
and Tempo

Aquabot Plus Remote

Aquabot Repair Kits
Do It Yourself With These
Prematched Repair Parts Kits!

Aquabot T 2006-Present
Turbo T and T-RC

Aquabot T2

Aquabot T2 2006-Present
Turbo T2 Parts

Aquabot T4

Aquabot T4 2006-Present
Aquabot Turbo T4 Parts

Aquabot Ultra

Parts for the Aquajet, JetMax
and JetMax Jr.

Parts for the AquaMax and
AquaMax Bi-Turbo

Aquamax Jr
Parts for the AquaMax Jr.
and AquaMax HT

Commercial Aquabot Repair Kits
Commercial Aquabot
Repair Parts and Belt Kits!
Aquamax, Ultramax, Duramax

Misc Items
Non pictured parts and
uncommon items

Pool Rover
Parts for the Pool Rover
Pool Rover Plus and Jr.

Power HandiVac
Parts for the Power Handi-Vac
models 100, 200 and 300

Storm and Tempo
Parts for the Storm and Tempo
are located in the
Aquabot parts.

Thunder Jet
Parts for the ThunderJet
IG and AG


UltraMax Jr


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