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  FILTER BAG (Fine)  8100 for Aquabot Turbo Aquamax UltraMax  
  Service Notes For: Part#: 8100 FILTER BAG (Fine)  
  - Aquabot / Turbo / T2 / T4 / Plus RC- Aquamax Jr- PHV 100/300- small Jet / Rover- UMAX takes two - NOW Part Number 8111  

Price: $39.60


Genine #8111 (New factory Number - Was #8100) Fine Filter Bag - 2 Micron. Never use detergent when cleaning in a clothes washer. Cold Water, No Dryer.

Aquabot Original Filter Bags filter to a level that surpasses your main filter and removes nutrients that algae can thrive on,
This helps reduce and even prevent algae growth and that means less chemicals in you water, not to mention the
associated chemical costs and your labor.

We have been made aware that imitations are being produced, sometimes masquerading as Part# 8111.
These have made their way onto some of the largest internet retailers.

Don't be fooled by imitations. If it says "Replacement" or "Fits", odds are it's not a genuine part.

A Geniune 8111 filter bag will always carry a tag with "Aquaproducts" clearly visible.

  To keep your Pool Robot running its best, we only offer Genuine Aquaproducts Parts.
All Parts are OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured). No Lower Quality "Aftermarket" or "Replacement For" Parts
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